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Woltman operations in a single location

Dieseko Group consolidates Woltman operations in a single location

Sliedrecht, The Netherlands – October 16th, 2019.

As of November 1st, 2019, Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs will consolidate its operations in The Netherlands in its location in Giessenburg. With this organisational change, Woltman’s parent company Dieseko Group aims to increase the efficiency of the business model in support of a faster and more flexible response to the highly volatile demand in the market for piling and drilling rigs.

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NEW: PVE Side Grip vibratory hammer

Due to the increasing demand for an excavator mounted vibratory hammer for working in limited heights, the engineers of Dieseko Group have developed a 'Side Grip' vibratory hammer. This clamps the profiles or tubes from the side. In addition to working in a limited height, the greatest advantage is that tubes, profiles and sheet piles can be vibrated with a length that is (much) larger than the reach height of the boom. With a traditional clamp at the bottom, a profile can be set to the final depth or the first meters can be pulled. A Side Grip can also pick up sheet piling or profiles lying on the ground without assistance.

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Resonating and drilling combined.

Without doubt, the PVE RD260 Resonator is the most important innovation in the field of vibro technology since 20 years. Without vibration, a profile is brought to its natural frequency, as a result of which it drives itself into the ground like a spring. A new application is now available for this vibration-free technology: a combination of resonating and drilling. With this leader-guided combination of Resonator and rotary head, we created a powerful tool with new applications such as the placement of tubes (up to 30 metres long), micropiles and anchors that are driven into the ground quickly and without vibration. On the photographs, 37 metre long tie bars were being installed.
This Resonator-Drill combination is now available for rent from the Dieseko Group.

Size matters

At the end of last year, Dieseko Group introduced 2 compact hydraulic power packs. The 200 and 450 are the long awaited successors of a classic compact series from the nineties. With 230 and 465 L/min respectively and equipped with an adjusted manifold that is suitable for driving vibratory hammers, rotary heads, winches, etc.
Mobility is a major benefit of such a compact set: With weights as low as approx. 3 (200) and 5.3 tonnes in an extremely small housing, it is possible to transport a set using a standard box truck. A major advantage if the equipment is to be used on many different locations.
These power packs are provided with a Stage IV / Tier 4F Volvo engine with AdBlue and biodegradable oil, as well as the new iQan MD4 control system with wireless remote control. The compact power packs have a significantly lower energy consumption and are also much more silent, thanks to different filters and the visco drive of the radiator fan, amongst other things. Size matters, they say at Dieseko Group.

Dieseko Group

The Dieseko Group is the result of a merger between two Dutch based companies: Piling & Vibro Equipment (PVE) and International Construction Equipment (ICE).
The Dieseko Group is specialised in the engineering, production, rental and sales of vibratory hammers (Variable Moment, High Frequency), ring and linear vibratory hammers, pressing machines, power packs (200 – 5000 kW), vibroflots and clamp systems. Within the holding, PVE and ICE are specialised in hydraulic vibratory hammers. 
In 2014 Dieseko Group PVE Piling & Drilling Rigs joined the group.
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